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I am a recruiter at Alabama State University and had the great pleasure in meeting coach Battles. He came to our awesome campus with about 10 students who were also players on his basketball team. I think its really great to expose our youth to colleges, especially historically black colleges. They toured the campus and even stayed for a play. The guys were well behaved and seem to love and have great respect for coach Battles. Coach, keep up the good work.

Kara'n White
Recruiter and Alumnus
Alabama State University


My son and I would like express our gratitude for a job well done during the 2004 basketball session. My son really enjoyed attending the camp and could not wait until the next day to attend. The structure of the camp brings discipline, instruction and wise counsel to the youth to keep them focused and prepare for the future. The bible studies and the prayer sessions teach the children to put the Lord first and to study the Word of God and know it for themselves so, that when trials come that they will be able to rely totally on the Lord for his guidance. Having Mr. Daryl as a mentor, gives the children a positive role model in a male figure. Mr. Daryl is doing so much in the community. He is impacting our youth in a positive way, his kindness and love and individual attention to each child will make a lasting impression in the child developmental years. The basketball skills are taught in a precise and easy to grasp manner, that a two year old can learn basic skills of the game. I appreciate your kindness and your patience you have shown toward my son and I. May god bless this ministry to progress, to new levels and dimensions.

Thanks again, love your sister in Christ... Keep doing a good job!!!!

Jeanette word


Coach Battles, I cannot thank you enough for always giving back to the less fortunate. As a single parent I am finding it hard to even make my day to day living expenses but just knowing someone cares, a man of God like Coach Battles gives me hope that some day my situation will change. Coach Battles we won't forget your kindness and my son, Issiah and I will repay you when he gets to the NBA. May God continues to shine his light ever so bright on you.

Sparkle Grayson


Each day of my life, I pray and ask God, to examine me and know my heart, Test me and know my thoughts, See if there is any bad thing in me, Lead me in the way you set long ago (Psalm 139:23-24)

About a year ago, our youngest son Michael (who is 12 years old), talked to us about playing basketball with a team. He has been wanting to play for a long time. We have always taught both of our sons that there is nothing that they can not do. We have always known that God gave us our sons. Back in 1999, our youngest son (Dominique is now 21 and Michael is 12) was 7 years old and in the 2nd grade when he became very ill. As a mother, when he became ill, I could feel his pain but knew that God gave him to us and no matter what happened, God does not make mistakes. I have to admit that there were times that I almost lost my faith but because God had also given me a husband who learned at an early age that God does not make mistakes, he was able to step in when I needed him to. My son's illness helped all of us as a family realize more than ever that God can do all things and when he chose our son, it opened our eyes to just how great He is. At the time all of this was happening I was working 6p-2am at night --- a wife, a full time school mom during the day (a very active parent in the school system), and a mother to both of my sons - believe me we had plenty of ups and downs. My son was eventually diagnosed with Rh. Arthritis but we knew that Michael was also a child that would not give up (a fighter). To make a long story shorter (if I could I would share my life story with you), about a month and a half ago we signed Michael up with Chapel Hill Basketball Team. Remember, 5 years ago our son could hardly walk and doctors wanted to put him on all kinds of medicines that we would not allow. The first time Michael and I meet Coach Battle (my husband was out-of-town), so Michael and I went to the mini-camp scheduled at Chapel Hill. Once my son and I walked in the Cathedral Gym sat down and watched Coach Battle with a group of young boys at practice for a short while, I knew we had found a coach that would help enhance the gift of basketball that my son has. After practice Coach Battle asked the young boys to form a circle with him, and all the parents that were there. He asked one of the young boys to led them in prayer before they left the building. What more do I have to say. Now, as the next group was called - which included my son, the practice began with prayer and ended with prayer, again along with Coach Battle, the players, and the parents (which included me). During the practice I observed him with the players and I could really feel and see the love and sincerness that he had teaching the children. He didn't have to raise his voice or get upset at any time and the children seem to really enjoy learning with him. For the last 5 years, I have home schooled my son and not allowed him to play sports other than here at home. I was concerned that maybe my son would have a hard time fitting in or being able to blend in but all of that seemed to not even be an issue as I watched Coach Battle and the young boys. Not only did my son enjoy practicing with Coach Battle and the other young boys, he asked me to find out if Coach Battle would work one-on-one with him. My son has been so excited that I have to make him eat before his practices, all he wants to do is practice at home and then practice with Coach Battle. Coach Battle has finish the mini-camp with my son but he is still in one-on-one practices with him and hopefully from this day on he will be attending a lot of other activities. Since meeting Coach Battle my son use to play ball a lot but now he is learning how to play the game. I pray that he will be able to continue working with young people because I would like to began volunteering some of my time to help. My son has already talked to us about finding out more about the Camp of Champions. Thank you Coach Battle for making a difference in our son's life. With much love and respect.

The Turner Family (Melvin, Jeanette, Dominique, Michael)


My son Issiah was very impressed with this champ of Champions he could not wait each day to attend, we opted for one session but attend both and was glad we did. Camp of Champions was more than just a basketball playground, the kids learned about discipline how to believe in themselves and most of all God's grace. Food was always freshly served and my son got excited about the taste. Coach Battle is truly a gift from God and we cannot wait for next summer. Being a parent I was very thankful my son had a place to display his talent ,skills and in return he and I have gained a friendship with coach Battle that will last a life time

Sparkle Buissereth


After two years of extensive psychological testing and treatment, my son was diagnosed and prescribed medication for anxiety/depression. Two years later, after refusing to administer the medication to him and giving up professional psychology/psychiatric treatment, I continued to pray for resources that would help me build his self-esteem and enhance his social skills. Slowly he made progress, but the problem was still very evident. This summer, I was determined to find a camp for him that would fit our every need. I started long before summer break because I was seeking perfection. I finally found a camp at a nearby church that had a very impressive program. I enrolled him there although I felt uneasy because it seemed a bit too commercial for him. At this point, I had just about given up on sending him to camp, but I paid the fees due for my two children and STILL kept praying for a solution. One particular Sunday, not more than 20 minutes after my plea to God to work this out for me, I met Mr. Battles and was introduced to CCI. Later into the summer, my son was enrolled. To make this long story short, CCI has made more progress in my son\'s condition in three weeks than all of our sources combined have been able to accomplish in 4 years. I thank God for this program and for everyone who contributes to its success. Camp of Champions, Inc. is truly an asset to the community.

-A satisfied patron and proud parent.

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